Voluntary Withdrawal Letter: When You Should Present It And What It Should Contain

The voluntary termination letter is used when a worker wants to break the employment relationship with the company that has formally hired him. Anyone can use it, since in no case is a person obliged to comply with their employment contract if they do not want to. The best way to present the voluntary withdrawal is to do so in writing.

When is a voluntary withdrawal and a letter communicating it presented?

There are many reasons why you can voluntarily leave a job , but the most common are to have found another job or simply to be unhappy in it. Whatever the reason, if you want to voluntarily leave a job, it is best to present a letter of voluntary withdrawal at least 15 days in advance . You can also communicate it orally, but these types of procedures are better left in writing.

If you do not notify the days in advance that the agreement marks, normally 15, the company may deduct from the settlement the amount corresponding to the days of salary that are appropriate .

Sample letter of voluntary withdrawal: what it should contain

There is no official pre-established model of a voluntary withdrawal letter that you must use. However, it is advisable that your voluntary withdrawal letter contains the essential information for it to be fully valid for legal purposes. Next, we leave you a model of a voluntary withdrawal letter that you can write yourself.

  • Header data. At the beginning of the letter you must indicate your information: name and surname, address, ID and employee number if you have. You must also include all the company data.
  • Deadline. We must clearly and precisely put the date of delivery of the letter. This is very important, since from this date the 15 days notice will begin to be counted.
  • Release. The letter can begin in the following way: “I YOUR NAME with ID XXXXXXXXF and employee number XXXX, company employee COMPANY NAME from day XX-XX-XXXX I communicate that I request voluntary leave.” In this introduction you can include any information that you think is appropriate.
  • Date of voluntary withdrawal. After this, you must indicate that you will continue as normal for the next 15 calendar days. Indicate the date on which you will cease to be a company employee as well. It is not necessary to indicate the reasons for the voluntary withdrawal, but if you think it is necessary or you have a good relationship with your company, you can do so.
  • Signature . Finally, you must sign the letter with your name and surname, signature and date. You must deliver two copies, one for the company and one for you, which must be signed by your direct manager or the human resources manager. It should also include the company stamp.

After the delivery of the letter, the time begins to count and when the agreed date arrives, you will no longer be part of the company. During this period, if you regret your decision, you can back off without any consequences. You just have to communicate it to your manager and the letter will no longer be valid, so you can keep your job.